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Believe what you hear: Spirio | R & Spiriocast

July 12-21

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As a piano teacher, you generate the standards to which STEINWAY & SONS crafts its pianos, and are STEINWAY'S most valued ambassador to the piano-buying public. With this in mind, STEINWAY & SONS is inviting you to participate in a program to help us evaluate STEINWAY’S recent advancements in SPIRIO technology in the form of SPIRIO | r and SPIRIOCAST and provide feedback. This feedback will be given to our manufacturing departments to help shape future piano design.

It's an exciting time in the development of SPIRIO as we work with educators to explore the impact this marriage of tradition and technology can have with your students.

Teachers are the lifeblood of STEINWAY AND SONS. Your feedback is very important to us. Enjoy a private one-on-one experience of SPIRIO | r and STEINWAY’S newest advancement, SPIRIOCAST. Record and listen back to your own playing, discover the editing tools with SPIRIO | r and with SPIRIOCAST, listen and feel the future of concerts, lectures, masterclasses and more.

Believe what you hear

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