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Steinway Piano Gallery Cleveland has the responsibility of serving thousands of houses of worship throughout Northeast Ohio. Our range of offerings include technical piano service, inventory analysis, educational programs, piano replacement, assistance with fundraising and a full complement of loaner instruments from our Concert & Artist Department.

We understand that among your highest priorities is to reach out to new potential members, to bring latent members back into the fold and to enhance the worship experience of your congregation. Music has always been a powerful tool to reach out and connect with people in a universally understood and meaningful manner. Our specialists provide expertise to your leadership, music directors, and choir directors to help identify your piano needs and to optimize those instruments’ inspirational impact on your congregation.

We begin by performing a thorough, complimentary Inventory Analysis. The analysis includes an inspection and evaluation of your current piano inventory; complete with a report listing each piano’s condition, current market value and recommendation for repair or replacement. After clearly understanding your long and short-term goals, we make recommendations for an appropriate technical maintenance schedule for your instruments and for any replacement instruments that may be needed.

When fundraising efforts are necessary, we can provide a variety of tools and programs to ensure you a successful fundraising plan.

For more information or to schedule your complimentary Inventory Analysis, contact us: [email protected]

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