Technical Services

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Steinway pianos are built to last for generations, and they do. Since 1853, Steinways have been handcrafted to the same uncompromising standards, each one requiring up to a full year to complete. Not only are Steinway pianos unique for their longevity, but they have an incomparable history of financial appreciation.

Investing in the proper care for your Steinway is a wise decision indeed, and no one is as capable of restoring your piano to its original perfection or repairing a minor problem as our piano technicians. Our service department is staffed with highly trained and experienced piano technicians, which allows Steinway Piano Gallery Cleveland to provide our customers with unsurpassed service and support. Whether your cherished Steinway is in need of custom refinishing, replacement of the action or soundboard, or a simple tuning, it couldn’t be in better hands.

Routine service is part of piano ownership, and you should consider it no more unusual than the maintenance program you would have for an automobile, boat, or airplane you might own. There are three basic steps in maintaining the sound of your piano: tuning, which brings the piano back to pitch; voicing, which affects the piano’s tone, or quality of sound; and action regulation, which is an adjustment of the action mechanism that affects the touch of the piano.

Steinway Piano Gallery Cleveland offers complete piano service regardless of brand by the most highly-skilled technicians in the region. If your cherished instrument is in need of service or you’re in need of a piano technician, please contact us.