The world’s finest high-resolution player piano. A masterpiece of artistry and engineering in your home, SPIRIO enables you to enjoy performances captured by great pianists.



​SPIRIO, a handcrafted STEINWAY like all others, is the next step in STEINWAY’S history of ceaseless improvement in its mission — declared by Henry E. Steinway, “to build the best piano possible” — and brings the unparalleled craftsmanship of the STEINWAY piano to your home coupled with cutting-edge technology and the peerless musicality of STEINWAY ARTISTS.


inspired & intuitive TECHNOLOGY

The SPIRIO’s high resolution playback system captures the nuance and passion the STEINWAY ARTIST intended by using proprietary software to measure hammer velocity (up to 1020 dynamic levels at a rate of up to 800 samples per second) and proportional pedaling, for both the damper pedal and soft pedal (up to 256 pedal positions at a rate of up to 100 samples per second).


world-class music libray

The exclusive SPIRIO library, which is regularly and automatically updated, features everything from J.S. Bach to Irving Berlin to Billy Joel, and unlocks the furthest reaches of the instrument’s expression, regardless of your playing ability.


Yuja Wang – Steinway Spirio Interview

Steinway Artist Yuja Wang is a contributor to the burgeoning library of the Steinway & Sons Spirio: the high-resolution player piano. You can witness Yuja’s signature how-does-she-do-that style on display in Schumann’s “Der Kontrabandiste” (The Smuggler).


We can describe what a SPIRIO looks like. We can talk about how it sounds. But the only way to fully appreciate the sensation of over 12,000 parts in a STEINWAY SPIRIO working in unison, is to feel them resonating and soaring…in person. Get in touch to experience SPIRIO today.

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